I Think I Got A Soul Of A Wolf Inside Me.

I was walking alone in like 8PM and i started saying this words in my mind "Soul of a wolf, take control of my body". Then i started feeling chills all over my body, then i felt my body being really stronger. So now every time I think of these words my body is filled with chills. I always loved wolfs and I wanted to be one. Any suggestions on how to take the wolf in my skin or how to control it's power. Or maybe Im just convincing my self I'm a wolf just because I really like them?
LoneWolf1994 LoneWolf1994
18-21, M
3 Responses May 13, 2012

You're a freak. Humans can't transform into wolves. You can't. Because you are a human. Not a ******* dog. Smarten the **** up already. You creeps are a burden on society and a waste of tax money.

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never heard of that before... But i'm pretty sure that you are just convincing yourself of being a wolf.

From the author: When I was younger i tought I was a dog, but now i feel the wolf energy inside me. I always loved the forest, the nature and always wanted to live in a forest without any civilization.