Being Found.(wolfs View)

My Wolf Name is Zahar given to me by my mother in what we called The Grand Forest, My birth place as a young pup. Born in a pack of 9 adult wolfs and 5 pups. My Father was our Pack Leader or The Alpha Male if you prefer to view it that way. As a young pup growing up I found my self walking in my fathers foot steps toward being Alpha Male. As i grow my mother would often sit out with me at night when i would stare at the stars listening to distant packs calling out to each other and marking their territory, of course my father was among those howls at night. She would tell me about how she could see in me the ability and will to run the pack some day. She told me her meaning of the name she gave me. She told me that in our voice Zahar is the name of a warrior and one that is able to lead great numbers easily on great journeys to far away places, but also one who will be submissive towards a great love. Later on in my life when i was an older wolf i was our best hunter, i moved with great speed and with great strength often leaving my fellow brothers and sisters behind with many trees in between us. My Father would some times take me out on a hunt with just the two of us often testing my abilities to lead a hunt and how well i hunt. As i got older my time was getting closer to lead our pack to The Winter Hills. When the time came I lead our pack over the mountains and through The Great Valley which is very wide and dangerous when traveling alone. The pack made it to The Winter Hills with only a few issues of the young pups crossing the rivers we came across. When we found a spot in The Winter Hills to call home my Father backed down as Alpha male because of his age. In our packs tradition the Males that want to be Alpha must fight to submission. The last wolf standing would earn the right to become the Alpha Male. Four of us stepped up ready to lead and fight to earn our right to. I fought my brothers with great courage and speed causing them to submit to me quickly without blood shed. After i earned my right to lead i sent the hunters out to get us food for our young and to feed the tired. To tell you the part of the story I would like you to hear I must skip forward in my many years and stories of me to about 8 years after i became Alpha. I was watching a mothers pups playing with each other not to far from me when i smelled a unfamiliar scent slowly walking up from behind me at a great distance away. I looked away from the pups for a second and looked back to see rival hunters slowly creeping down the hill towards the pups. I jumped up and started running for the pups. I reached them as one of the hunters was leaping for one of the pups. I grab the hunter by his neck and pulled him away from the pups tossing him aside and telling the pups to go to their mother. Three more hunters came out of hiding as one leaped from behind me slamming into me knocking me to the ground. As i stood back up they stood around me watching waiting for the right time to strike at me. I waited and listened to see what they would do then from behind one tried to bite me on my leg but i quickly turned before he could get me biting into his neck and stopping him where he was till he dropped to the ground then the others leaped at me ganging up on me but i stood my ground and took two more to the ground before they ran way with fear in their eyes and their tails between their legs. I was hurt pretty bad though. I started back the way i came from toward my pack but i couldn't make it i fell weak and in great pain. I was sniffing the air for familiar scents of my pack when i noticed the unfamiliar scent very close to me. I looked around slowly with my head slightly off the ground and notice a small boy partly behind a bush looking at me. He stepped out and was coming towards me, I growled has i tried to stand up but fell back down. He paused at my growling and me trying to move but then continued towards me with his hand out to me. When he got to me he knelled down next to me and started running his hand through my fur, I growled but he didn't stop not even when he notice I had blood on me. After a while more unfamiliar scents came to me and I fell in to a deep sleep. I awake some time later to find i was not myself and found my self in this human body. For years me and him fought for control but he won over time. But these days i'm living happy in this body and life. It took a lot of getting use to but its not bad.
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What's the point of those online packs? U guys seem like fakers when u try to have a fake pack... I really hate fakers. My teeth are bared so watch it buddy.

Relax yourself MidNight. Im not joining an online pack. i have my own pack to worry about and take care of where i live. Just calm down and put your teeth away or we might have a problem.

I'm just very protective of my kind... And its angrying when humans pretend to me wolves..

(for human wolf) I'll gove you all the time you need to think.

wow humanwolf your wolf sounds cool. (: my wolves name is ShadowDust. Im the Alpha of an online pack and a real pack at school i have a pack of a tiger and to bird like creatures. Hey if you want to join my online Pack you can the Alpha male is lenmar019 we started our pack not long ago so if you join you'll be the first one The <br />
pack is called the Unbroken Pack!!!

okay cool ill think about it

Thank you for being so welcoming to human wolf, scarwolf :) it means a lot to us.

It's cool. your wolf and my wolf have the same personallty but my wolf is black with green eyes!

My wolf is black with a white scar across his face with gold eyes

Awesome story. Not to be a smart a*s but baby wolves are called pup's not cubs


Wonderful story honey :) I'm glad you finally wrote it <3