I Really Didnt Fit In With The Rest

When I was little I didn't really know why I was so different from all the others . I looked like them , but I didnt act like them . There was allways something seperating me from the others . I have all ways had a connection with wolves even when I was about 4 years old .My parents used to tell me stories about how I allways used to act like a dog when I was little , But every little kid does this when their little , but I was different from all the other kids. I remember one Time I howled at my teacher . Ah the good times . But in all seriousness at age four I started to have these dreams , dreams of being free , dreams of being a wolf . But one year At the age of seven, I was dreaming in bed . Not really a dream . More like a nightmare. In my dream I was a wolf and i was being hunted down by humans , i was about to get away but then I heard a loud sound then a great pain in my chest . I woke up and I could still feel the pain that I recived in the dream and even weirder I had a bruse on my chest and I could barly move at all . It hurt so bad , I didnt know what to do , then I had a massive pain in my head then all the pain was gone magicly , Ever sence that night I never did have another wolf dream . But I still belive the soul of my wolf still exsist inside my body . So I am a wolf trapped in a human body
Kero1 Kero1
18-21, M
May 15, 2012