No Fake I Am Wolf Too

i howl at night not for fun i do it becase it makes my me feel good and i only eat meat and i am sick of hunters i bite human i feel so wolf
graywolf92 graywolf92
2 Responses May 17, 2012

Do you only eat RAW meat? Real wolves can't eat cooked meat, only humans can. Sounds like you're a human to me. You should try eating RAW meat. Like chicken. Wolves eat lots of raw BIRD meat.

....i think you should just leave this place and not comment when you think we all are creeps, you just want us think that we can eat raw meat and surely if we do we could get badly sick and even die because on another comment you said we all were ''creeps'' i think you should leave because you are just wasting your life on commenting on here un like us others because we respect others.....

Yes go forth and kill the mean humans, do it in the name of Shayṭān. PLUNG YOUR DAGGER INTO HIS HEART AND PRAISE OUR LORD AND SAVIOURS NAME!