The Birth Place Of Shadowdust.

*Howl* My mother howled, through the deep cold dark forest. In the middle of the deep dark cold forest was a giant rock, flat on the bottom and flat on the top. After My mum gave birth to me. the Guardian wolf placed me on the giant grey rock, and the wolves said togther. Let this wolf pup be our future Alpha. Her spirit may flow in peace. She will protect us and lead us. The wind blew. The tree's shook. The wolves howld to welcome the in coming wolf spirit. then a Female black wolf came down from the sky. And said I'm your wolf spirit young pup. When your eye's open and your fur grow's your fur will be black. and when you open your eye's they will be green. Your name will be ShadowDust and let you be the future Alpha of our pack the Unbroken Pack! Then the wolf dissaperd in thin air. A few day's later my eye's open. Then my black fur grew, I was out of the den now learning to be an Alpha My brother named GoldenLight was always jealous of
me I was the fast strong and cute pup. The only pups in the Pack were me and my brother there were also 7 other wolves in there too. As we grew older GoldenLight and I became more aggresive. Because that day was the day we were to become Alpha. I went first scince I was the oldest pup now an adult wolf I got presented the soul of the Alpha. But our father thought GoldenLight was not ready to become Alpha. At least thats what father said anyway. GoldenLights white fur and Golden eye's grew angry. he ran off. That day My pack went looking for my Brother. But we never found him until... That day my pack was soo tired we came to our den and slept... Until I woke up and saw my mum dad and fellow pack member's dead on the ground bleeding. GoldenLight turned and looked at me but his fur was Black and his eye's were red. We leaped at me but I dodged him and ran out of the Den. And waited.. Waited for him to leave the Den after he left the den. I ran into the den but nothing the family was still there I blessed them and saw there spirits leave there body and walk to the sky. I knew they were happy know!!! I wandered to fing my brother then i felt a sharp pain in my leg then another and another. then i felt soo sleepy and colapse then i saw GoldenLight whose name is now NightMare walk up to me and scratch my face and then he heard someone comming so he ran off. then my eye's looked in the coner of a tree and saw a human come and grabb me and then they yelled she's not dead then i heard BAM. THEN NOTHING. Then I walked up to the sky as a wolf. then My wolf can't rember what happend but then I rembed waking up in a place full of humans and knew I can back as a human. I'm a wolf but hidden in a humans body ShadowDust and NightMare follow me around but ShadowDust followed me when I was born. NightMare's eyes are now Gold again and he has a white patch around his eye. Once NightMare become's White with Golden eyes he will become GoldenLight and go to another person.
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May 18, 2012