P And M Shifting !?!?!!?!?!?!??????!!????!!?

How the hell do you p and m shift ? I can't figure it out
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P-shifting isn't possible, and anyone who tells you it is possible is lying. Don't even try.

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I assume that you already know what is a P-shift and a M-shift are..<br />
For these shifts (Mostly any type) you have to meditate.Personally do an M-shift first then a P-shift.(It will help the P-shift a lot.) I don't really want to go into detail and type on how to meditate because there are many ways on how to meditate.So here's a website.<br />
https://sites.google.com/site/shiftingdata/<br />
Keep in mind these may or may not work for you because everyone is different.Try to mix it up like putting on peaceful music,counting to ten slowly and start over again etc.<br />
Good luck :)

Thank you , I will look that up

I've only read a bit of the site but it sure is informative