I started trying to P-shift last year, december. This year some strange dreams are showing up. I'm always a wolf, but I almost never find others. When I find them, the other wolves are all killed by humans and I stay alone in the forest all by myself, and I get killed. When I don't find them, humans show up and kill me, sometimes by guns, sometimes they throw fire on me, or just stabbed me to death. Does someone has any idea from what's going on? Does someone can help me?
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Mistwolves would not be reincarnated into a human form, sorry. At least not that I know of. It is against their mindset.<br />
Besides, if in your dream they said you were a werewolf, either they would be wrong or your dream isn't accurate because wolves/mistwolves and werewolves do not, let's just say, voluntarily accompany each other.

Hello, um, forgive me if i'm being rude but what the meant is Mystwolf a person who wrote here too, sorry if i did a mistake because i don't really understand how we could get on ''mistwolves'' a persons username is Mystwolf, and again forgive me if i were rude or said something wrong or didn't understand what you meant...

Not being rude... thanks.
even so though, same with regular wolves...
they avoid humans for a reason....
it COULD be an exception, but I doubt it

I'm no mistwolf. And, about the dream, People in meadle ages use to "mix" everything related to wolves, they thought all kinds of wolves, were werewolves, that, igual Think actually , don't exist. So, i'm no werewolf to.

Im not sure either, it might be as Mistwolf sadi, but It could also be maybe the future, or maybe a vision of not really u but someone else killing alot of people...and u are the people.

What's a Mistwolf sadi?

What Mystwolf said.

A mistwolf is a pack wolf of extreme loyalty and has the ability to mentally communicate with its packmates. They also can shape shift into mist, and although not invisible, can disperse to a reasonable amount for whatever task they want, or to evade attackers.
Basically they are wolves who can communicate mentally, shape-shift into mist, and very rarely contact and bond with humans.

Its happening because you unlock your wolf portion of your brain and now the wolf side is showing you all your past lives , well just a thought , but it might be .

It sound like a past life dream , I had thos to

This time, I was human. lived in the forest with other wolves. I think we were in the middle ages, because in the middle of the dream, some villagers were hunting me down. They killed all the wolves before they get me. They took me to a village, and in front of a church, tied me to a stake, and threw it on fire while shouting "Werewolf! Werewolf."

Maybe you're right, perhaps a dream of the past. But you know why they only happen now that I tried P-shift?

it could be because your reminiscing on the past, obviously you wanting to P shift is wanting to become a wolf, and perhaps some of your past is coming back in if you were a werewolf, I had a dream a while back where I was in a sort of greek village, I was a wolf along with three other wolves and my girlfriend (who knows I'm a wolf) was there but she was human. Possibly my one was past life but I'm still not sure, how many times a week do you get these dreams? is it only when you attempt to p shift?

Almost all days. 5 or 6 per week. Even when I don't try to shift they happen. And with you? Do you know if they stop? I really don't want them to stop, I like being a wolf, but... I would like to stop dying at least.