I Know My Name... What Does It Mean

last night when i snuck out of my house to go to the woods i tripped and hit my head. when i woke up, i looked up and i saw my wolf.
shewas so beautiful. i looked down and saw i was a wolf! i when to the lake and not only was i a wolf but i had wings and i was glowing a bright blue!!! i was like what the h*ll is happening!!!!! but then i heard the most soothing vioce ever in my head... " hello haley or should i say Okami"
i asked"Okami? is that my wolf name?!?!?!?" my wolf replied " indeed it is now you have your name .... now look down at your chest." i did and i saw thisidk what to call it but an amulet of sorts"tis will protect you and yourwolf will always be with you ."

does anyone know what what Okami means? it sounds japanese. but when i say it i become all warm and powerful i guess. but i have my neckless and i freaking love it but if anyone could tell me what it means that i had black wings and i was glowing blue !!!!!! that would be great. please im kinda scared cause who ever heard of a glowing wolf with wings ?!?!?!?!?!?!?
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for one you all can **** off that believe im a fake.i know what i saw and what i heard so until you want to fight me face to face shut your mouths i didnt know how to spell it and right after i i posted this i searched up the name and the "amulet" doesnt look aven close to what i have <br />
but does anyone know the truth? no. so why do we pretend we do. so until you know me and know what i am and what i saw you cant rightfully judge me so you keep on pretending that what you say is true and that your better than anyone else ...but your not. and if you want to know how NOT fake i am why dont you come to greeley colorado and fight me ...wolf to wolf .... bring it . im ready

lmbimp awesome stuff keep up the dreaming man...

What are you smoking? There are five other wolves with that name on here. All fakes. -.-