Wolves (long)

I have always been a wolf. I have had dreams, i have day dreamed, and i have done everything. All the time. I know I love other animals. They usually link to freedom. Like horses and birds. but wolves have more power and that really speaks to me. I have hated almost everyone untill i started to realize that there are other people. I still dream of killing people because of their hate, even my effing mother. I've always wanted to just die and I still do because i hate everything around me. I dont want to be human. I dont want this freaking drama and ignorant people! I hate this all..... I hate it all so much and i wish people would shut the **** up sometimes. All I want to do is be free from this crap!!!!!!!!!!!!! And no, im not freaking complaining. For one, you chose to read this, and two I DOUBT AN IGNORANT BETCH WOULD HELP ME! why should I expect it?

And school is the worst. there are people who are so full of crap i just want to kill them. Not the ones that talk about hunting wolves! I am not against that. The ones that go up to me and mock me. "ohhhh, im a wolf!" so you know what I freaking did? I shut my mouth silent for a whole 3 years. And i asked people if I was a wolf by heart. but no, just more hate. so I gave up asking and told myself the truth. I am a wolf and no matter what ANYONE says I am never going to think different. Before I got internet I didn't know there was anyone else and i realized something. There was a girl in my grade that does the same thing as me! We became friends just recently but I've already done so much with her to call her more of a friend than the ones i have had longer.

So I don't think Im a wolf by heart. I know.
QuilTheAnimal QuilTheAnimal
13-15, F
Jul 30, 2012