Wolf Hunter

i recently found out one of my friends is a wolf hunter... i know because i was running in the woods and i felt this sharp pain in my hip. i thought it was a thorn or something i pulled it out buit it wasnt a thorn it was a freaking needle! almost as soon as i pulled it out i felt woozy and colapsed on my side i saw this figure above me before i blacked out . i woke up in a room and it looked just like her room! i know because i had a sleep over there once. my neck was chained to her bed and i started freaking out because i couldn't change back human. she came in and i growledat her she said." hahahaha you wont be able to turn back human for about an hour because of the drug i gave you.then you will invonlentarily turn human and we'll see just you are behind this beast. after i know who you are ill give you another dose and kill you. ive never seen a coat with white,gray,AND black. your fur will be worth a fortune!" she laughed and started reading a book waiting for me to turn. i was like WTF!!!!!!! anyway it had been about an hour and she was still reading when i turned the transformation was completly silent so she didn't know. i just sat there(and for some creepy reason my clothes always comeback when i turn human) and stared at her. how could she? she seemed so sweet! I had always been there for her and now she was about to kill me. i went through every possibility and there was no way to escape. my own friend killed my kind for their fur!!!! we dont kill them for their skin!!!!!

" How could you?" i mannaged to croak out.slowly she looked up from her book and her eyes widdened.

"H-h-haley?" she stuttered.

" how could you?" i said again.

"W-what do you mean?" i guess she was in complete shock because she was just sitting there.

"How could you kill my kind for our fur?! we have done nothing to you filthy humans! go kill your cat if you want fur! oh wait you probably love your cat than you love wolves that are part human!!! YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE? YOU ARE A MURDERER!!! HOW MANY HAVE DIED BEFORE ME!!!! WERE YOU GOING TO KILL MARK TOO??? OR HOW ABOUT JESSIE? YOUR FRIENDS!!!!!!! " mark and jessie were our friends and they were wolves. jessie was her best friend.

she started crying" I-i-i din't kn-kn-know!!!!"she cried.

"Didn't know what?!?!?! that you killed innocent beings for something that no one even needs anymore?!"

"I'm s-s-sorry!"she cried.

"NO! sorry doesnt make up for all the lives you have taken!!! you deserve to die!!!" i screamed. tears were pouring down my cheeks. In anger and betrayal.

she stopped crying and looked down.she left the room and came back with another needle in her hand i started freaking out. i turned back into a wolf and lunged towards the window but i was thrown back by the stupid chain. i wasnt looking and she injected the stuff into my back leg. i felt weak and i sat down and fell on my stomache. my eyes were half open and my tounge was hanging out. i couldnt move anything but my eyes.

supriseingly i watched as she unchained me and put me on her shoulders. i kept thiking 'whoa shes strong!' but then i noticed she was walking into the woods. i tried really hard but all i could do was growl, and growl i did! i growled until she put me on the forest floor and sat down next to me she started petting my head and i felt sick. i am not a dog!!!

" i promise to stop hunting wolves and to hide all the pelts ive collected and not sell them." i felt even more sick and i was kinda hopeing i would puke on her.

"the drug should were off in a few minutes." she said.

after a few minutes i could sit so i sat up and didnt look at her. i waited until i had full control of my body.
i whipped my head towards her and bared my teeth. she seemed scared and backed up against a tree. i turned human and pinned her to the tree.

"i will never forgive you for what you have done" i growled.

"but i let you go!"she said.

"not for me but those wolves you have killed i would kill you right now but i dont want you blood on my hands so instead of that ill give you something to remember that your a monster."i snarled

"what?" she asked confused. i turned into a wolf and bit her forearm. she started to scream and hit weakly at me but i started to shake my head a little. i let go and her arm was all bloody and she was crying. the bite was going to leave a huge scar that she wouldnt be able to cover up unless she always wore long sleves.

" i deserved that." she whispered.

i nodded and turned around without saying anything. i jumped through my windowand turned human. i fell asleep right away.

i woke up the next dayand went to school. at lunch she didnt sit by us and jessie and mark were worried.

"whats wrong with ______'s arm and why isnt she sitting by us?" jessie asked.


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Damn thats horrible. I would have done the same as you. Damn humans.

Can you add me please because I have soo much to talk to you about regarding this. I'm glad you got revenge? Are you in a pack if not you can join The Unbroken Pack we stand for equality and rights of wolves.

A hunter killed my wolf parents I think for their fur at 1 year old. It turned out a friend of a friend of mine killed them I was going to bite her. But something held me back I had the same thing happen to me I was tied to her bed and she told me of how she killed my wolf parents for the fur. She injected me with a formula which was trying to make me turn back to human, When I was forced back to a human the girl was shocked I asked her how could she do it to our species but she either didn't understand me or didn't want to answer and but she knew somehow that it was me and then realised what she had done I wanted her to release me. she did and she told me she was sorry, but I didn't care about how sorry she was, I bit her & scratched her instead because she had stilled killed them but afterwards she told me that it was her bf that did it not her because he was the hunter. I didn't know what to do then so I did the same to him and ran away from both of them deeper into th forest where I would never have human contact again.

That sounds to desc<x>riptive to be fake but it still could be. How do I know your telling the truth?

Because we as wolves can't forgive humans for killing us, we don't do anything to them.

Of course. I personally think they should give the death penetly to humans that kill us. It's still murder! Doesn't matter if there animals... And I've always have found it funny that we're called animals cuz when humans use it as an insult... It better describes humans than wolves.

They kill us and I wish that I had done more but I just didn't want the blood on my paws, I hope you understand but I will have my revenge on humans soon.

so is my old friend, i did the same but i had bitten his hand.<br />
he didn't make pelts though he made jackets and are still in a poison ive patch, o he didn't kill us he shaved us so we died

He shaved the fur then because you had no fur the cold froze you to death is that right?