I always find myself crying or whining like a dog when think about how I'm suck this way. I wish I could have someone who is close to me understand. I need to Howl and chase and smell but I can't. That's why I cry.
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4 Responses Sep 6, 2012

I cry too. But I want you to know that you are not alone. I too am a wolf who howls alone.

I'm the same way but i have a tendency bury myself in work or what ever i'm doing, to keep my mind focused on something else, but if i ran out of things to do and let my mind wander i breakdown. but chatting on skype with my friend faolan heart (another wolf therian) helps a lot...

why can't you howl? does it sound horrible or another reason? but if you think it's hard to howl, listen to wolves howls on youtube and try to imitate it, It takes a little practice! and if you want to do wolfy things, just do it! don't care about others, It's your life! don't let them judge you!

I have a friend she feels the same as you and believes she is a wolf as well. I dont see anything wrong with the way you feel. We each have our own beliefs. I myself am a modern day vampire. I dont feed off blood or anything but the positive life force people give off when you are with them.