Dear Letshuntwolves

Dear LetsHuntWolves, I know your kind and mine have struggled to prove one point, on which we are real and not delusional, or vice versa. But I'm remaining as calm as possible. Everyone has their own mind and beliefs. And with that a different opinion. I know we have fought in the past. But I'm not asking for an argument, I'm just asking that you leave us alone.


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Cool story. I was literally touched. Plus yeah he needs to leave us alone for both our sakes.

I suppose some of us should stay calm. Anger isn't always the solution. Remaining calm will definitely help you throughout your life. We'll done!

thank you!

Your welcome.

How can you remain calm?Its hard for me to remain calm.

Well it's easy for me to remain calm NOW. When I was younger I was very immature and used my angry side ALL THE TIME. But now I'm much more soft spoken. Why is it hard for you?

I don't know most people make me angry but its usually hard for me to control it.

You need to, that's all a part of surviving in this world. LEARN.

Yes Whitestar

why does letshuntwolves hate us so much

He just hates us because he thinks we are not real. I know he keeps posting hateful comments on our stories, but you have to understand, writing back is adding fuel to the wildfire. If we keep that up the whole forest will burn down. Not replying will lead him to think we have nothing to say to him. Therefore he might just give up.

Oh OK i see, so when he says hateful things we stay quite and he will stop?

Well, he won't just stop, that is partially a lie told by adults. He will eventually stop, but he will try endlessly to have the last word. That's just typical human nature. But yes he will eventually stop.

OK thank you whitesrtar

Your welcome, um...sorry I don't seem to know your wolf name.

River sorry when i made the account it wouldn't let me put my wolf name on

Okay, thanks

your welcome whitestar


Oh. Thank you... Wow don't your wolf name. XD What is your wolf name?

Okay. Thank you Greymane.

It is and mine is River

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