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when i was about 13 i kept having a dream that i was walking with wolves a whole pack of them and i felt happy and safe with them i then told my shrink about it and he told me mybe thats your spirit animal i had a shamenistic friend and i asked him "what is a spirit animal?" he looked at me with loving eyes and said "they are the animal you are." i thought that a spirit animal was the animal that told what to do in hard times he said "alot of people get those mixed up but that is a spirit guide they help you find your way." i have always loved wolves and fell in love with my sisters hybrid cowboy he is 6 mounths old and stands as tall as a full grown germansheperd dog
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I have been looking through the internet for people like me lol, this is weirdly nice to know it's more common than I recently expected

when I was little I had this dream about me and a pack of wolves, we were all howling together...I felt safe. and I recently had the same dream a few months ago.

Nice story, I also like wolves and I agree on the spirit animals part

Dear Wolven around the world,

Don't listen to the people who say youre fakes or posers. Don't fear the emotions, the thoughts, the changes and all that comes with being wolven and shifting. I believe you all , for i am one myself. I was the beta of a pack until the alpha disbanded it. However i am going to begin a pack of my own. the Wolven Lineage. Please contact me those of you who live in York County, Pennsylvania. I need to know there are other creatures like me. it feels like a suffocating. Its torture.

Lone Wolf For Life,


I'm close I'm in Maryland ^.^

So am I! Finally someone like me, i cant stand being the only one around here, btw can you P (physically) change?

there are defieately many like you and i, just ignore the humans they have never been much of a problem... recently

I also have dreams of being a wolf leading a pack of stray dogs. I believe it symbolizes me trying to lead my neighborhood friends to a better life. They are all very troubled and don't do well with society. I have felt connected with wolves since I was a young child in elementary school. I was generally one of the faster kids. But that's not the point. I enjoyed running up even through high-school. I have chased, wrestled and returned dogs gone stray to their owners for years and years. I enjoy reading and communicating through body language with dogs. I say dogs because there are no physical wolves where I live. There are coyotes that I would howl with at the top of the road over the bypass. I would howl and an entire pack of coyotes howled back and came closer. I could not see them for it was very dark and far away. I find myself growling everyday. I love hills and nature and just beautiful places. I used to run in my bare feet in the summer and would come home with my feet black from the street and dirt. I have one best friend that enjoyed the same things but I don't think he feels it as much as me. Other than him I feel rather alone besides the stray dogs that come by ever so often.

Hey, me too! Though there are no coyotes near me, I used to howl with my beautiful dog and all of the stray dogs of the village started howling and trying to get closer to us. I also love running barefoot and have spent weeks without shoes on! I also had a friend who liked the same sort of thing but I don't think he felt it quite the same way. Once, when we where younger, he howled with me and the dogs. But he never has again. I thought back then that he was like me, but he seems to have changed...maybe he's just hiding it...or in denial?

Had a dream when I was 14, I was in my back yard, there was a feral pack threatening to take over the territory, hundreds of wolves growling me down. I changed into human form, and they attacked.
Usually when I dream of being a wolf, I curl up in my sister's lap and just feel safe and happy. Or curl up at her feet, prepared to defend.
These days I feel like a wolf much more often than I dream of being one.

i was reading posts and i heard the terms p-shift and m-shift what does it mean?

Hehe. I remember when I was new to all this. An m shift Is when you mentally shift into whichever theriyotype you are. A lot of therians experience this naturally although some have to force it.
An P shift is when you physically shift into wichever animal you are. Some think you can do it, some think you can't.

letshuntwolves your stupid you need to leave us alone you have your ideas and we have what we know to be true we are who we are we are all wolves inside on this sight if you dont know who you are or what you are get off you have no right being here this is our life and it always will be

I smell bullshit really strong from this story

you have no right to say anything we all experiance this in another way

will you add me? i have some questions out of curiousity.....

I even growl :)

So do i

i got the dream when 8 and then again at 13

So did I. It was weird. I ran freely with no akward questions. I liked it.

I know I am a wolf, I will always be one too. I had a lot of wolf dreams before.<br />
There's one dream though that I can't forget... It was really scary and it felt so real!

Sounds cool! I'd love to hear your dream

i would enjoy to hear your story as well

yeah can you tel me about your dream too ?

I have these dreams too! I was chasing a deer while M-shifting and 5 wolves appeared. I ran away but then ran out of air and they playfully nipped my legs.


as do I, your "kinds' " stories do give me a good jolly as well. so it works in 2 ways, i laugh at your peoples stories, you laugh at my replies. and about my fail trolls, i usually over-react because it makes me laugh as well.

You think this a huge joke don't you *******. When you disgrace one wolf you do that to all. You think you have the guts fight my kind

actually yes, this is a huge joke to me, and same goes to you, when you disgrace one human, you disgrace us all. but you aren't just disgracing one, your want to eradicate the human race only puts you on the same level as the humans, whom you think are trying to eradicate you.

Hey look you pathetic bastard, you have your beliefs and WE have OURS. If you spend all your wasted time trying to make us feel like we are delusional lunatics then that doesn't make you a smart human, that makes you a bully. I'm trying to remain as calm as possible but please, leave us be.

...nahh, its funny.

Long time no see human, &amp; its not a pleasure to see you again.

Hey letshuntwolves your are the disgrace. You act like you speak for all humans when you only speak for your pathetic self. I am s human, one who has befriended wolves. I love my wolf friends and will defend them till the end. You need to shut your mouth, go away, and stop causing trouble for those who started nothing.

Honestly Let's hunt wolves is more than likely some 13-16 year old teenager who doesn't quite fit in at school and is probably bullied everyday. Finding a group of people online to bully is his outlet, where he can become the bully and feel like he's in power. Honestly just ignore him and author's delete his comment. Bullies will become tired once they get no reaction. Hopefully this poor kid will gain higher self esteem from a different activity rather than hateful comments.


Hey wanna read something really funny, letshuntwolves? Go to 'I am what I am. Deal with it' and lucky you, you get a taster,

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well, that is kinda true you laugh at us and we laugh at you (some get mad) but we are real believe us or not i don't care because it is what i am and no one can change that ^.^

Hey letshuntwolves if you hate us so much then maybe you should become our next meal!

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I don't get this dream about a black wolf attacking me all of a sudden thats all what I dream about. Suddenly I turn into a wolf (IDK what color) and I make it a big fight... but I don't know how I changed into one, might be still a dream... right?

might just be a part where you where challenged for domonace at one point

I don't get this dream about a black wolf attacking me all of a sudden thats all what I dream about. Suddenly I turn into a wolf (IDK what color) and I make it a big fight... but I don't know how I changed into one, might be still a dream... right?

I know I am a wolf because I can't stop dreaming about them, I can hear them in my head howling & I can see myself running with them & communicating with them

Wow! My spirit animal is a wolf, I can communicate with the spirits... I'm not to sure what I am, if I'm wolf or human!

ive been raised by wolves you can say lol my mom is a zoologist and i would end up crawling into the cages and playing with the wolves and they didnt do anything they were my only friends :3

i have a dream of running with a pack i feel safe this happens every night but it is creepy cause it appears i am a femail in these dreams and in life i am a male. I would rather live a happy life as a wolf femail then remain human and life with this pain as my soul beats to be with the wolfs free to run the wilderness with my pack members thats were i belong. If any of you have the same feeling friend me on facebook my name is david moeller

I'm a teen now and when i try to act like a wolf or dog i just get stared at but it feels so right to me what does it mean. yet i havnt had the runnig with wolves dream since i was 10

means that a part of you is a wolf or dog most are wolves being our great ancestors

I luv wolves and i have a strong connection to them i howl exactly like a wolf i luv meat like them and i feel like i am one with them i have dreams where i change into a wolf and i feel free like i could just stay like that forever

OMG ME 2 but i was not the alfa

Dreams may give you a feeling of being let down but with out them you would never know the feeling they give you even if it is for a short time it is still nice, I hardly dream any more but when IK do I am with my pack and I love the feeling.

lol, sorry to tell you that : ) i am yo brother but not wolf you should know what is it (inside but not outside)<br />
<a href="http://www.experienceproject.com/question-answer/Am-I-A-Dog-In-My-Past-Life--I-Really-Needs-Help-Please-Answer-Me/191076" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a><br />
this is the question i faced : ) ... if you can solve it i will be very very thank to you..

I loves wolves to, I also have many dreams about wolves and wolf packs.

i understand what you mean. When I was 13 I went through the same dreams. This usually happens during puberty. if you wanna talk more message me

Im 13 now and I have that dream every night

i read your other story,my step father was like that for the whole 10 years that he lived with us,only to me,not his own two subsequent children.When I was around 6 I started dreaming of the wolves,they were always in packs and I always thought they were after me as they always hid under the bed so I was too scared to get up.I now believe they were there to protect me as no matter how scary they were as i would lay in bed crying I now realise it would have been worse for me if I had made it out of my bed and had to face the real monster.If I get really scared these days the wolves appear again at night in my sleep and I feel better in the morning.The monster is still around as the siblings are around but i think of the power of the wolf and I can deal with it.

I think i'm wolf too. Ever sense I was little I loved wolves. I was once lost in Finland & adapted by a she wolf. Ever sense I find my self doing wolf like things.


dude you should totally add me! I'm wolfmage29!!! I LOVE WOLVES!!!

I used to have dreams of running with packs of wolves as well; at first I thought they were chasing me but when they caught up with me, they just nipped and licked me.

I kinda of had the same dream but I was in an apartment and these two wolves came up to me and licked me.