Lose Control

I can't suppress my anger anymore. My family, the way they are to me, it just hurts. A while ago i told hem some things they didn't like, and now i feel like they just keep me because they have to. It's been, what, six months since then, all the excess anger I've been holding up till now is coming out. My mom has lied her way out of situations before and i'm her accomplice, I keep her lies and tell them to whoever. Lately my anger towards her has been showing itself. I don't know what to do, i'm afraid i'll snap and do or say something i shouldn't. My friends say 'wait it out, it will get better' or 'i don't know'. Well I've been "waiting it out" for years now, I don't think i have that much more patience left, but i can't leave.
I want so badly to run and never look back but every time i want to try, something stops me in my tracks. I can't explain it. things have gotten slightly better but the lies still linger. I need help with control.
Tell me what to do for control, I need answers or something.
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4 Responses Dec 1, 2012

i feel it tooo i wish people knew the power it has to push us to the edge

I hear your stress, and i howl for you sister. Just know whatever happens they love you. And all of us wolves are here for you. I am. I get this sometimes. If u can talk this old with your mum and see if u can arrange a day out with her. Try seeing if helping her will sort it. Its most likely she is in a tough situation too. Goodluck *nips your ear playfully*

*howls to* i was removed from my last pack for my anger i had towards my leader *walks off lonely fully and growls and and runs off back to the darkness*

... i just you know take deep breaths do something that will take your mind off of it like video games tv reading a good book sports anything... i did that and now i am able to ignore the anger and control it but i'm no expert but thats just my method

If your'e going through puberty it will were off i wanted to run away last year but i couldn't
something stooped me now i'm really happy and love my life the best advice i can give is take it out on something i used a stressball and i would bite things i also turned my rage into running that's the only advice i can give good luck

thanks but already gone through that lol. I'll try