Am I A Wolf In A Humans Body?

Well first off I have this canine connection, I have never been attacked by a dog, because I have this connection with them. Whenever I'm angry with someone I get a bad urge, I want to bite them. And also to hide my anger I bite myself really hard and also bite into my pillow, I ripped the stuffing out of it once but I guess im going off the topic. Even opening the window at night makes me happy the crisp air gives me a freedom sensation and I could stare out the window for hours just looking at the moon. I love the rain especially at night. I sometimes howl and I'm happiest at full moons. I love the forest I feel protected by it. I also strangely have dreams of being a wolf in the forest and I also have these flashbacks that I dont remember happening and I also recognise places that I have never been to. Please give your response on your thoughts.
InsomnialInstinct InsomnialInstinct
13-15, F
4 Responses Dec 5, 2012

Sounds kinda like me i tend to either bite something or growl when im angry though it can be pretty hard to make me angry though theres a few sure ways to make me. Though people know that im not one to be messed with

You are a great wolf. I have the same, nice fresh air on u is heaven. Just remember wolves dont actually have anything to do with the moon and howl when they celebrate or even when they wish. Youd make a good pack mate.

Sounds like you are accepting yourself very well :)

I'm like this too I just don't know I even run on four legs! No joke!