I Just Don't Know

I have felt this way for a long time but only recently did I understand why. I think I'm a wolf inside, or if not have a soul of a wolf. Can someone tell me how to know for sure? I have slightly enhanced senses and frighten people away just by getting angry. I love running and the outdoors and even as a little kid would be yelled at for running outside on all fours and getting dirty. I can communicate to some degree with my dogs, better than anyone I know and every dog I know seems to come to me even before its owner. I prefer the night immeasurably over the day but when I bring it up to my parents they just say its because of my sleep cycle. I've always been naturally good at every sport and school but most people avoid me. For many years I wanted to be popular and be the focus of attention, but lately I've preferred to be just with my close strong friends. Lastly, I don't know if this relates to this but I can completely understand what kind of person you are, how strong an opponent you would be, and a basic view of your life in a glance. Please help me understand, am I really part wolf? or just going crazy?
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3 Responses Dec 5, 2012

Hey. Im a lot like you. Love the outdoors and very good at running and sports. A lot of people at school avoid me too but closest friends. So i spend most time in the forest with my dog, playing and being cautious of my surroundings and other people. I can communicate with my dog. You must have some spark inside you for all of this like me. Be free and go with your instincts. You are wolf dont be afraid of it. *Wags tail and licks your muzzle*

You's a wolf brother. :)
Accepting who you are helps keep from getting the aggression of hiding it away
It's a relief to hear of a male wolf who's not having aggression problems, of course, you're male, so you'll want to be authoratative, but I'm glad you don't suffer the anger many do

O.o i feel the same way! I think i have something to do with a wolf.. i think our spirits/ souls are linked with wolves in some way. Oh and when i say our, i mean people that feel the same way we do! I think i am a wolf inside and often have visions of a black wolf, that is blind in the left eye.... I think somwhow.. its me! i think you are a wolf inside too :) hope i helped!