The Red Moon Clan

this group was originaly ment for vampires only but me and the owner has had to make a few changes. she is willing to accept werewolfs IF they respect vampires and humans and if they promise not to insult anyone. this group was created so that everyone of all species can talk with one another with no fear of threat. share a story. we will all read it and comment. its called "i am a member of the red moon clan". JOIN NOW!!! XD
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i dont even know how i would find out if you can even point me in the right direction i would be most grateful

did your mother/father/grandma/grandpa use to tell you werewolf related storys when you were say 3/4/5/6/7? did any of your family have "anger issues" and would normaly choose to go outside, say for a walk, to cool of? do you live in a remote part of town, surrounded by greenary and woodland? if you know somone in your family who you are comfortable with talking about this, bring the subject up. they may not say anything but you could see what reaction they had. did any of your family say "you'll find out when you are old enough". does your family ansesters come mostly from the same country or even same town? look, you may say yes to all these things and it just may be a coinsedince. if you are werewolf, the change will come. (hint: try somthing that'll get your adreline pumping)

i know ancester wise we are english irish and scottish no to the stories yes to the anger issues ive never seen others in my family to angry but when the shift in me happens i am downright animalistic i do feel a strong pull to the full moon animals of all types seem to flock to me all of my senses even without the shift is well above normal human senses again i mean not to ask so many questions but this is all quite new to me

i must not be a werewolf because i cant physically shift no matter how hard i try only mental shift...

do you have a history of ancestors who were werewolfs?