Lone Wolf

So, I was raised by dogs, I had a mama and a papa, my mama (passed on 4 years ago) was part wolf.
My human family was never interested in me, I was the kid they didn't want, but couldn't get rid of due to their religion.
So, my pack was, and always has been, my dogs. I have two kids, a 13 year old pup, and a almost 10 month old pup. Currently separated from them, as I'm trying to get established in a new city.
I'm not typically a Alpha, little ones flock to me as a Mother Wolf (which is my native name), so being the mother, showing them how to take care of themselves and such, I end up feeling like I'm alpha.
I'm a tracker, I can follow a trail in the ground, and I kid you not, I can follow scents too if they're strong enough. Though too much time spent inside deadens my nose. I block the scents, I love being out in nature though, especially like it is now, overcast. I feel like going and prowling at the river.
My spirit animal is wolf, and although I have learned how to act like a human, my first language shall always be canine (which translates to most animal languages fairly well), with human as my 'second' language.

If there's anyone else with my story out there, can you let me know? I feel like these boards are mostly existed by cubs just learning about their wolf side, I'd like to have conversations with a mature wolf who knows who they are. Grew up in the culture instead of trying to learn about it ya know. I know all our experiences will be different, because each pack is different, but are there any other pack kids out there? I do have a pack, but exist mostly as a lone wolf, for whenever the pack is around I am den mother, and my little cubs are stretching, tasting freedom.

I am not looking to pack, I am looking to socialize. Someone to howl at off in the distance.
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I am 19 and i grew up wolf. I am elle. I have always lived like this but lost my packmate recently.. Mutual howling is always welcome here c:

I may be young. But I am very wise in spirit and mind. I'm Goldpaw. I'd like to socialize.

Ah, but age is but a number, and you're well into age in dog years :)

Yep. In dog years I'd be... Whoa! I'd be 84! If I did the math right. I mutilplyed my age(12) by 7.

"new" studies show that the first year is equal to 14 human years, the second is 7, and every year after is equal to 2 human years:
So you=41
I=59 :P not too much different now is there pup?