Sounds > : [

My mom is really scared of any creature and put those things that make those high pitched sounds and SHE CANT HEAR THEM EVEN IN THE GARAGE >:[ she doesn't believe me that I can hear them in my room (2nd floor, furthest away form garage) this is gonna be a fun night -_- she insists on having them there for at least 1 night :'( hmmmm :) welllllll if she cant hear them I can say I need something from the car and unplug them all... :| SMILES :] but then in the morning...... :[......*wimpers and rolls around on bed with ears covered but stops so does't knock laptop off of bed* also the face I am trying to make on the title is this >:[ but it wont show up like that for me
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Oh geez, I would die from the noise. >n

Hey, i understand what you've wrote. Dont panic. If its an animal than its most likely more afraid of you. Go with your intincts. *Nudges you muzzle and whines*