White Wolf Of The Forest

A lot of the time you will find me dreaming about being this beautiful white wolf either in the forest behind my house or some battle to save wolves themselves or endangered friends. My mind believes im strong and ill stand up to things i dont like, and feel brave. But sometimes, i shy out of fighting. I bare my teeth and howl in the forest. Meanwhile at home my dog thinks im a high rank than her, shes a small dog. I play and fuss her like a wolf to her pack. I also can feel my ears go back and forth depending if im angry or happy ect. I run fast, i can hear and see very well. Im very silent, so i can creep around the house without anyone knowing. I tend to be cautious all the time and like to be alone or incharge. I want to know what this means?
mistywolf13 mistywolf13
18-21, F
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I can be a bit mad too, like ill tell wolf stories to myself and do rp alone. Im always one certain wolf tho. Little bit of acting in there too. This man was staring at me ealier as i was lost. He just sat there at the window in his villa. Lol

Nice :P

Its probably your wolf showing itself :)

It probs is. Thx x only if i could shift into her.

You will someday. normally the first shift is around 16-23

Great! Gets me exicited. Ty sister x

*hugs her* of course :)

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