Wolf Pack

I go by Night. I am 18 years old and have had a connection with dogs since before i can remember. I am a human wolf. I have a pack named audeamus and i defend them with my life. I have always had a wolf like personality and people who hardly know me say my personality reminds them of a wolf. I have countless days where the need to run free through the wilderness and hunt is so strong i can't focus on anything. I feel a desire constantly to be out in the cold night air howling and allowing my howl to be carried in the wind. I have a need to chase anything that will run and to be wild and reckless. I can't stand to be cooped up and have tendencies to growl. My energy is always up at night and i can't get enough of the cool night air. I don't know if my passion for my wolf inside is mirrored by anyone else but if it is i would love to get in touch with you and compare experiences and stories. I value my wolf above most anything and wouldn't trade these feelings for the world.
NightsEternalShadow NightsEternalShadow
22-25, F
2 Responses Dec 13, 2012

Me too, i never know what to do with myself around people. I feel so out of place. Only when i am free and howling to the skies do i feel whole.. Come howl with me some time.. Elle.

I am a lot the same. I love my wolf and always longed to run free. Its great to know someone else is the same *nips your ear playfully*

*nips your ear back* nice to meet you glad there is someone else like me

*Pants and paws you playfully* :) i hope to chat to you alot. You are a nice wolf. :P so do you have an online pack?