People Put A Lot Of Meaning And Thought Into The Name Of Their Wolf

I've never quite understood that.

I see people naming their wolf and for a long time, when i was young i thought, 'That must mean i'm not a real wolf,'

'If i can't name it, it mustn't be real,'

'I'm just nuts,'

But after a time i realised, a wolf not having a name is completely normal, human's are the ones that need the identifier, not the wolf. The human half of a mind craves a label and so, one is provided.

The human half of my brain identifies, not even with my real name, but with the pseudonym, 'Aabysinyaa' it's a name I've had in my head since i was fourteen and it feels more real to me than my given name.

But the wolf doesn't need that, its never needed that.

So to all the pups out there who think, 'Well, to be legit, i have to give her/him a name' and jump on to find a good one.

Don't it's completely normal to not have a name.
Aabysinyaa Aabysinyaa
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5 Responses Dec 13, 2012

SO true. Thanks for sharing this. Wolves don't need names or understand them. They identify each other by scent, sight, and voice. When people post about "needing to find their wolf name," I just shake my head. It's merely a nickname of your own choosing.

hey, you are correct. by the way, my wolf is called Dyavol. in russian it is devil and it has struck me from the time i realized i was a anthro-wolf. my friends call me demon wolf....

My wolf goes by Carletta, and I agree with Foxendruid, it just came to me one day.

Mines Aurora :) its just what came to me when i was thinking about my wolf :)

My wolf name is Misty. From the colour of my fur and a film i watched and loved when i was younger. I prefere to be called that than my human name.

I prefer my wolf name to :)