Trying To Find Some Anwsers.

I'm not one to lie or fake anything so ill tell my storie of how i know I'm a wolf in hopes to find some answers. Ive had dreams off and on about wolves and Ive always been interested about them since i was really little. the 1st two dreams i had happened a few years back and are similar but different at the same time. the 1st one i was in the woods and i turned into a wolf with a full moon in the sky but i hide as a pack ran by me. A night or two later it was the same dream and the same thing happened but instead i was the one leading the pack. since then Ive had similar dreams to it but some involve fighting others. my teeth have gotten sharper over the last month my hearing has gotten 10xs better then ever before. and my eyes are able to change to a different color. the most painful part is the fact of my ribs popping and moving and when my muscles decide to go nuts and its all been getting worse for the past few months. i have a crazy appetite for meet especially around the full moon and when i run i don't want to stop till my legs give out. I feal like i don't get much sleep around the full moon anymore. When i fall asleep my room can be clean but sometimes when i wake up it is destroyed and also sometimes i wake up on the floor when i fell asleep in bed. i hope to find some answers on what is gonna happen next what i should prepare for and expect and i guess maby a little guidance from ones who have already gone through what I'm going through or at least know whats completely going on.
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you are preshifting totally normal. You can expect to become more "wolfy" in you personality for exempel ur gonna be alot more "emotional" like not beeing able to control anger, and ur gonna tell ur meanings no matter what. you are gonna feel more "wild".. and your personality will change a bit. After u have gotten used to all this, and are more able to control your wolf, you might be able to change into one. No matter what u are a wolf at soul and mind (thats at least what it seems) like with me, im not sure if i can shift into a wolf, but i truly am a wolf at soul and mind. Ur really gonna expect ur wolf to take alot more "over" your mind and stuff, so learn to control it.

im like you too my sight, hearing, taste, smell has got a lot better within the last year. i dont dream about wolves but i do think about them too much, when im in the forest my instincts go wild for howling, running and be cautious about people entering my den or even being close by. its always the same wolf and i have a feeling its mine. thanks for the story and i hope i helped.

I am open for any help I can get because more and more new things keep coming up and keep geting stronger

totally same. but i refuse to go to the dentist or anything. i feel that my wolf is trying to come out but it cant becuase the doctors or dentist is stopping it. :/

For new I feal I coming out and it's trying more and more to do so, that's why I'm looking for alil help that away I know how to help it along plus that away i know what is to come ask thing go furthur

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i know wyh you chose me. because i can see you through your sheep skin

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