How Can I Know?

How can I know if i am a wolf or not?
I mean that,how do i know if i will ever transform into a wolf?
I have good eye-sight and good hearing,got massive good reflexes(ask my gf XD)and good instincts.
But all of this can just say that I have good genes and that's all.
However i feel something more massive inside me,but it could be false. can i know for sure?

1 Response Dec 16, 2012

Okay, first of all there is no physical shift, it's all mental.

I don't mean to sound snappy but there is a lot of controversy on this subject because some people claim they can, it may be true, but, the majority of the time, there is no physical shift.

Feeling a little like you don't fit in your skin or that the mental presence you have is too large for your body sometimes is normal, especially when you're under a stress or tension, or when your emotions are running high.

There is honestly no way of being sure at first, it will become more obvious over time, it could all fade away and be a part of you being a teenager or it could be that you really are a wolf and will continue to be until the day you die.

I see people mentioning that they can hear really well or see really well and i honestly don't see what that has to do with it but having instincts that are similar or parallel the instincts of a wolf is also a pretty good indication, i can be as simple as nesting at bed time, or growling when you get angry instead of yelling.

This is really long winded sorry, but honestly its different for everybody, you're on the older end of the spectrum of things, i see a lot of really young kids being sure of being a wolf, or a fox, or a lion or something and the idea fades after a few years, they realise, hey, this doesn't make me cool, it makes me kinda weird or the feeling fades and they go on and forget it ever happened but being older and having more maturity helps.

You can never be sure, which is extremely unhelpful in the face of things but you'll get there.

I agree with you that *most* of the time is not physical shift but a mental shift,but there is some who can.(as far as i know they also been hunted)
I also agree that the good eye sight and hearing well does not have a meaning,its just that a lot of here say that so I was thinking that maybe there is some in it.
And for the yelling part:I cant yell.At all.Unless I need to wake up my gf because of the alarms(long story,in private if you want to).And I am growling when I am angry.
And even if you told me nothing new it helped me realize that those things are true,that only time will tell.
Thank you.

Oh,almost forgot,about the part with some other teenagers.
At my country its spllited to 3 groups:those who dont care about animals(and some kill them),some who are against killing animels but still eating meat,and some who dont like the killing and dont eat meat.
Why i said that?Cause nobdy care in here if you feel like something else of not,you just go with the flow.
They will never think about being something else then human tho.they all like:"humans are the greatest creation of god ever