A Lonley Wolf That Needs A Pack

I am obsessed with wolves and feel i have one inside me. i love running and love the taste of blood and is always watching and listen to wolves howls on utube. i really am lonley and really want some wolf friends. When im excited i always want to howl but im too scared because im afraid il look like an idiot. Could some ond join me and share ur storie? xxxx
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Hello, I'm alpha of the unbroken pack, we are always looking for new members

Ok i have always wanted to be in a pack wiv an alpha and cool yes plz may i join?

Ok, :D we have a pack page on her cles I'm a member if the unbroken pack


You stated that u are obsessed? So does that mean u are a wolf or a wolf crazed human. There's a difference

I am Wolf trapped inside a human body

Hmmm ok. Answer received. That's all I needed to ask

it's wierd but i'm trying shifting spells...but it still doesn't work :/

I'm exactly like you...(Finally someone like me!)

Yes i will. Im like you, love running and i have wolf instints. But im not afraid to howl. I watch wolves on tv and utube and get really exicited. Im working my way to the shift but at the moment i just have the tiny holes in my skin where i know my wolf fur will come out of. Pm me ~ misty.

Wow that sounds good. im trying to shift. i have tryed shifting database last night because seem i couldnt do it.

Thats what im doing as well. I was in the bath and was only surpost to be in there a few mins turned out i was trying for two hours but got interupted. :/

Hehe lol thats happens that life what else u doing to shift?

Trying to relax and keep wolf pictures with mostly what ur wolf looks like. Ive got a bit of a noisy household tho. I run around as my wolf in my mind. Hunt, play. Keep saying. "Im wolf. Im proud of who i am" and mostly believe in it. I tried 4 times in one day. Keep improving.

Oh and the keep saying. Is say it in ur mind not outloud x

Lol ok i did try that last night be picturing my wolf and beleiveing in it but my mind kept on getting inturupted.

Same. It says on database be an expert on wolves but im positive ive already m-shifted. If we tried it in the woods might help cuz humans scent might intrupt wolf minds

Maybe the more you try the closer youll get to the shift.

How do u know if u have m shifted? Im sorry i have so many questions

Totaly fine. To be honest im not totally sure but i think its when u dont Always think before you speak or act. you are a wolf in your mind. U spook at objects u are normally used to. You get that eurge to howl all of a sudden. When your mind is the wolf. I think thats how u know.

Wow that sounds so good. i sometimes get the urge to howl but thats like when theres people around and im to scared to howl in front of them. but when i am in the woods thats when i howl

Same. Lol im growing a tail... i think. It tinkles lol.

Hahaha wish i grew a tail .

I always want to howl around other people and cant

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