A Lonley Wolf That Needs A Pack

I am obsessed with wolves and feel i have one inside me. i love running and love the taste of blood and is always watching and listen to wolves howls on utube. i really am lonley and really want some wolf friends. When im excited i always want to howl but im too scared because im afraid il look like an idiot. Could some ond join me and share ur storie? xxxx
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If you need a pack fire lights will welcome you.

Ok thank

Do you know what you can do? Like a hunter scout guardian.

Im so sorry but i got no idea what ur talking about sorry x

What can you do in the pack? What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Well i dont have a pack but what i want in a pack is that we are a team and we work together and my strength is that i run fast and can act completley like a wilf and my weakness is that i get out of breath really quickly. if that is what u meant?

Sorry for my spelling

Yes can you trot long distancr

Yes i can walk trot and run on all fours

Ok. Maybe you be a scout. Its wherevyou check into other packs.


And what about you?

Im the alpha female.

Wow how come? how did u become 1?

I left my pack and started my own. But my packmates are family. I dont rule them unless rules apply.

Wow that sounds good. but i am having trouble getting a pack cuz i only have a dis thats part of my pack.

Dis was meant to be sister

Who is she?

She is a girl like my obbsessed with wolves but has learning difficulties so basically she acts young. and she thinks she is a shewolf. when we are in the woods we howl and bark to eachother but not anymore because she doesnt feel the wolf spirite so i am all alone

Ah. I see. Well your in. And ill see about keeping some spots open for her if she reconnects with her inner wolf. :)

Thank u

Your welcome.

Can u read my last storie for me please i think its called can anyone help me. Could comment on that if u have any ideas thank u



Thank u xxxx

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