Can Anyone Help Me?

I know im gonna sound stupid now but is there is way of p shifting into a wolf or werewolf because i have been researching and i have done a spell but hasnt worked. can anyone help? any advice or instructions on what i need to do? thank u i would appriecate it. No negative comments please
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Thank u but if spells dont work what will?

Im 15

Thank u

Do u know anyone that has p shifted yet? x

Cool do u have proof cuz u know what other people are like its not that i dont belive it its just i wanna see what it looks like xx

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Try Shifting Database

How do i do that?


I havd tryed but hasnt worked. what else can i do?

Practice and belief makes perfect. Than you can shift, keep trying.

Ok what do i practice doing?

Relax in a quiet dark room. Eurge on any pain and numbness that comes. Think with your eyes closed "i am a wolf. Im proud of who i am" m-shift. Imagine urself as ur wolf, hunting playing howling. The numbness means ur body is trying to shift. :) hope it helps

Thank u soo much il try this tonight xxx

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