I Feel Something Awakening...

Whenever I watch a wolf show, whether its a documentry, anime, etc. I feel so connected it's weird, but today this is a different story...Does this sound weird to you

1. My brain is aching how much I am thinking about this right now
2. I feel something is about to happen, something big with my life...Like an awakening
3. I keep seeing 11:11 or 111.
4. I stopped dreaming about wolves since I got a new dog, they suddenly stopped. As soon as we got her not one wolf dream came to me...I feel connected with my GSD puppy. Dakota.
5. I see my friends as my pack
6. My brain is telling me to go in the forest, run away, anything but my body is telling me no..hard to explain

The main one is 2. I instinct something is about to awaken. Do any of you feel like this? It feels like something or someone is calling me...
Keewa Keewa
13-15, F
1 Response Jan 8, 2013

2. 5. and 6. is things like i get. i see all my friends as my pack, the thing is i always see myself as an alpha, my friends are less into wolves than me. so i feel in control and i have also never been bullied because of my wolf instints. 5. i have a forest behind my house and its like a second home to me, i love it there. sometimes i get annoyed when i have to take my dog, she is actually really bossy. lol. i howl there, run, do wolfish things. i dont know what id do with out my forest. 2. i know im going to shift. if you hink we cant shift its either that your not believing enough or your brain is lying to you, it is possible. get to the other % of your brain, we can change in all sorts of ways. we would be immortal. that is what i know that is awakening soon. my wolf body is eurging to be released. PM me for more info or a chat :) thanks x ~ misty.

Cool :) There is a forest at least 2 minutes away from my house, me and my dog go there and run around. My dog is fine with me, she sees me as the Alpha.

I also have never been bullied, I would not put up with bull! I do believe shifting :D

:) me too. i believe in it that much i believe im a wolf lol. x