My New Find!

Just did meditation and I saw some stuff to add onto my past life.

Before Shade and I had ever become alphas we were betas. A familiar old alpha male ran the pack. But he also runs it quite cruly. In the pack it also includes my two friends Tyler, male, brown, with darker brown faded stripes across his body and these clear amber eyes that are a orangish brown red. And Anita, White with greyish spots, yellow eyes sort of goldish, has black tick matks on ears. She's a medic. Me and shade are beta's. We plus a few more wolves live next to a lake, it's not that large, but pretty big. The lake's surrounded by a beach and a mixture of pine, oak, and maple like trees that are tall. We live on one side of the lake and when you are looking at the lake from our side to the left are large mountains with small icy caps. Me and shade decide to break pack rules and go and romp around on the beach. We have been mates for a while but are still pretty young. We tackle each other in the water and then get out on sand. He knocks me over getting my wet fur covered in sand. I pretend to look hurt, and complain that I didn't want to get sand in my fur. He starts to walk over to comfort me and I knock him over on his back and stand on top of him. We talk a little. This is the first time he mentions the future. Well, "our" future. I kind of blow it off and we begin to race back to our pack. Near our pack is a small dirt road for MTV's and hikers but it's rarely used because of the large amount of wildlife. I hear a noise but Shade seems oblivious. I go to warn him but he steps right in the path of an oncoming MTV. That's when the vision stopped. :( For those who don't know Shade was my mate after a little bit of confusion between tyler and shade. I think they might of been turned to humans as well....Anyways just thought I'd right this down and share this...
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Wow! thats sounds soo good! as ibwas reading it,it was like watching a movie while reading it was so cool i could picture it and i love the beach bit where u pretend to be hurt and the jump on him i love it! it made me smile! thank for for ur lovely dream ur saw .

Awww im sure shade will come back soon dont worry u never know! He? might just suprise u one day! is it a he or she? soz

Cool ok and good luck with that! hope it goes well

Huh anita almost sounds like my wolf but her name is Aurora

What was the packs name? Jw cause i get weird flash backs sometimes

Okay... Let me know though if you find out anything else please will you

My wolf looks alot like anita and im good with energy healing I've also dreamt of a wolf who looks like Tyler

Thanks :) you haven't seen a big black wolf with white on one paw when you've meditated have you?

Oh okay :)

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