Im Alone

I have no pack, no friends at this web. I felt like the runt of the pack ...Im alone :(
If anyone wants or needs an other friend im ready for a pack
bravewolf13 bravewolf13
13-15, F
4 Responses Jan 12, 2013

I'll be yo friend :D

Lots of people here are willing to let you in on their pack Bravewolf, you just need to respond to the 100000s of questions, but i know what you mean, I've lived in my wolf sister's shadow for as long as i can remember. Until now

You are not alone.I will be your friend you could join my pack.


I don't have many friends on this web but if you wold like I will be your friend.

Friendship has its course, mine took 16 years to wash away.
and now I stand, like nothing happened in my entire school life.
-cheers to the suck up.