No One Understands

  • I feel more like a wolf.I was at school and this pack of my worst enemies started saying mean things to me.They said mean things to me during P.E. because I was able to run faster and that I was running on all 4 of my paws.When they started saying mean things I started growling so I guess that I was encouraging it but it still hurt.IĀ don'tĀ understand why humans fear us or hurt us we only do what we were meant to.
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I definitely can't get into a fight because my first instinct is to claw someone. (I could do some serious damage.) But I wouldn't fight anyway, besides my insane amount of mercy I have for the person, there are other ways to solve it.

Yeah me neither i would probably kill someone cuz my first instinct is to sink my fangs into the throat

thats what I would do

I can run faster on fours as well. I'm only glad that I haven't been "found out" yet by my peers. The stressful part is choosing to hide it, or not to tell anyone. (Even your best friend...) I wish full humans were more understandable towards us. What you have is a gift, regardless of what others say.

I totaly agry

They may not understand, they might of though you were stranger(I don't think you are! I think you are perfectly fine :))

When people pick on me, I get an instinct reaction where I want to bite them. If I did, I could rip flesh but I choose not to. Be yourself!


Dear sister, I know that you are young, I too was picked on when I was in school while playing tag I also ran on all fours and still do to this day... They are ignorant of the ways of the Therians and thos of us that chose to live the way we were meant too, Be true to yourself, remember anger in the sense of being mad at them is understandable but remember humans "and i use the term loosely because we therians are wolfs stuck in a human bodies" dont understand us they are scared of what they dont know, you will survive we all have lived though these time that you are going through take some small comfort it that

your'e right humans fear what they cant understand and iknowthatimawolf
i have a person that sits next to me in maths (seating plan thing) and he prods me and steals my stuff and sometimes i snap so i growl or attempt to bite the only thing that's ever calmed me down is thinking what might happen if i bit him or m/p shift hope this helped. :)

Thank you

Maybe exactly this behaviour from you (growling, attempting to bite) does encourage him, to do so. Because your beaviour is for humans very strange, isn' it?

To humans my behavior is strange but to me its natrul

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