Is Any Wolf Like Me In Portugal?

I'm a lone wolf in the horrible portugal is there anyone who wants to howl at the moon like me? please coment!i don't want to be alone anymore!
Darknightmare121 Darknightmare121
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11 Responses Jan 15, 2013

Me! :) I'm a Wolf from Portugal! I would love to live by the woods aswell, it would be great to have a walk in there when I'm sad or angry. But I live in Moita :/

it would be cool if wolves howl back

i have woods im the back of my house...when im mad i always go for a walk(normamly in night)

I go there every day for a stretch. And a run. And sometimes a howl to see if there are other wolves around.

you're not the only one

geez i hate living near a park theres always some stupid blowing a dog whistle. Still i like living here cuz i have some woods nearby i usually go for a walk there

i luv when is full moon <3

i wish it snowed around here... i adore snow... maybe because im an artic wolf. i feel better when its colder. im never cold im always super warm... im made for freezing temperatures.

yeah...the moon is amazing and having humans as packmates its wierd they dont understand us

Ive once been in a mountain top where the moon was giant. Ive just stood there lookin up at it. Maybe for the whole night i cant remember well

My hearth starts pounding every time i look at the moon though i dont howl much. Lone wolves rarely howl. I wonder if one day ill find where i belong. Its seems hard cuz i cant find anyone like me neither hear anyone like me. All i want is to find my pack. Having humans as packmates is pretty weird.

Yeah i live there

it's like let free all your fellings...

I don't care if anyone or everyone told me not to howl at the moon i would still do it.I can let my anger or sadness out in my howl

me too

I always howl at the moon