The Creatures Of The Heavens

Roaming through the forests
I hear howls all around
I’m being summoned by my wolf pack
It’s time to stand our ground
I stand proudly by my alpha
Who stances proud and tall
He leads us all to safety
As day begins to fall
The trees and wind are in dispute
Sounding like wave crashes in the sky
We leave this beautiful forest
As I utter my last goodbye
It’s time to sleep now
And dream about our kind
Whose spirits dwell within this heaven
And lead to no demise
Our kind is very friendly
We meant no severe harm
Until you bring us in this fight
I’ll use this as a charm
From the waterfalls unto the mountains
I sound my peaceful call
It reaches through the distant trees
And is heard by one and all
LeaderOfThePack LeaderOfThePack
13-15, M
1 Response Jan 15, 2013

Thats good writing my friend

Thank you. I've been known for that.