At night I lay awake,and I feel my hand tingling,and it feels like the flesh of my fingers is moving. It hurts. It burns. It itches. Have I shifted my fingers?
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i dont think you have shifted your finger yet. i think you are having preshifts. you are to young to shift anything yet.
But if u are a true wolf, its normal to have preshifts at your age. its for preparing your body for shifting. you wont shift until you are atleast 18. if u shift before that you would most likely die.. just sayen.
but this is a very good sign! :)

Hmmmm. Okay. But they're uncontrollable,and some happen during classes in school. Is there anyway to stop it? I'm not.

you dont have to worry its totally normal. And no its no way of stopping it. If you are meant to be wolf you are going to shift to one. But like i said, dont worry because its years until that will happen.

Okay. Thank you. So no real change will happen to the fabric of my skin? In other words no physical change will occur?

thats right. not until you are older.

Okay. Again thanks. It's kind of disappointing but reasonable.

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that's sounds like a shift! awesome, I'm glad for ya =D

^^ Thanks.

Phantom Shifting? I get that too but in lots of different parts of my body.

I don't think so. Whenever I phantom shift,I don't feel a seeing pain like what I described.

I am not sure but maybe you have


Your welcome