The Wolf In Me

Hi! I hope to find some answers or at least some understanding with those of you who seem to share similar experiences. I daydream about being a wolf all the time. I don't need to force it either, it just happens as if I'm remembering a time when I was a wolf or something. When strange people approach me or I hear strange sounds, I feel as if my ears fold over and I bare my teeth and a deep growl escapes. I have always had a very alpha personality to where it seems that everyone picks up on it too. I seem to always make my place known and i don't even mean to do so, it just happens. When people challenge me, i get angry and feel the urge to put them in their place with some snarls and a few bites. My sister and I both feel as if I was either a wolf in a past life or may be one. It started as a joke but we sometimes think it might be true. I have always loved and respected wolves and often dream of them, and in these dreams I am one. As a child, I would howl, yip, growl, bare my teeth, bite, and run on all fours. I even made my hands look like paws when I played and find myself to this day waking up to those "paws". I have never felt like I belonged although I have struggled with this because I do not appear "nerdy". I have always been popular but even so, everyone has thought of me as "that funny, crazy, pretty, wolf girl". I draw them literally ALL THE TIME and listen to music that soothes that which stirs within me. I also recently discovered I have synesthesia so I have never been able to express or feel things like others, but I wonder if that is a common diagnosis amungst "wolves". I have read comments which speak of P and M phasing but I don't understand how M can be physically possible. Then again, I never realized so many people felt the way I do. I see that some people claim to have actually changed into their wolf form and I am skeptical but respectfuly as I am open to understanding. I only recently told my husband that there must be something wrong with me because I just don't feel human, when I think of my face, I see a wolf not a human. I am abnormally aware of my surroundings and strategize EVERYTHING from making a sandwich to driving. I imagine running with a pack and feeling free of this chain-like body I wear. I also have always received comments from people such as "I'm not sure why, but you remind me of a wolf" or "if you were ever an animal in a past life, it would be a wolf" from people who don't know me that well. I have a great discernment of people and peoples' behavior. I'm not sure if all or any of this pertains to being a wolf, or if I am one, but I would love to speak with those who are more experienced in understanding this confusion that can help me sort things out.
Thank you!

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I'm sure you are a wolf. Judging by your actions and lifestyle very much so. At your age ma'am you should be able to Physically shapeshift into a wolf.

I would love to know how to be able to shift, I have always dreamed of doing so! Thank you! :)

wow, you sound like me! with the day dreams and almost everything. im trying to shift but have calmed down a little bit about it. i always think my day dreams and roleplay is my M-Shift. maybe it is, but if so ive had it for a long time x thanks for this

Of course! It's nice to know this is not as uncommon as I thought it to be! I hope to find a way to actually shift someday! If you figure it out, please share how you managed to do so! :)

Many of us in this group feel the way you do.I belive that you and I were wolf's in a past life.You may be a wolf thrian.I am a wolf therian and I have similar experiences.Hope this helped.

It really has thank you! I have to believe there is some reason for us to feel this way.

Your welcome