I Love To Howl!

I love to howl!!!*howls*I don't care what humans say i love to howl!When the wolf inside wants to howl I get this feeling in my heart and my throat and i open my mouth and I howl and howl away!
riverwolf425 riverwolf425
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I would have howl alone because my family would probably go insane too. (That, and my brother would start copying me, but he does that a lot.) We don't howl for pleasure, it gives us pleasure. So she is clearly howling about her love for howling. :) Sing your song to the sky! *Howls*

hello~ *howls* howling is just wonderful, but nobody around understands....and i get scolded for it

Well, honestly when I do hear howls from humans, it makes me angry for no reason. IDK why... But I understand how you feel.

lol i only howl when i am alone

XD Oh. 😊

sorry that comment the one above you was for wolf soul lol,humans insult me when i howl so i have to hide it

Lucky you. I don't get responses at all. Though i found someone like me who lives in my country. Hope one day we can meet.

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We don't howl for pleasure. We howl to signal where we are and to find others not for pleasure or cuz we think its fun

I howl when I have successful hunt

I pile but my mom would yell at me lol

Would not pile lol stupid autocorrect!


Yeah my dad to*howls*

Same with my mom, I've never howled in real life though for this reason :'(

Go somewhere where you can be alone then howl Lover Boy!

I not allowed outside the house without someone with me

Haha that stinks for you Lover Boy!

Yeah, when they leave me home alone again I will, It never crossed my mind hen I was alone lol


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