I Think I Am A Wolf Therian, I Need Tips For Shifting ~Please Comment

ok so so far I've been going through weird stuff lately, whenever it rain's and there are puddles left on the ground I look at my reflection and I see a sady/brown colored wolf with orange eyes and I see it as me, like it is me. I also feel like I spiritually/mentally have a tail and wolf ear,s it's hard to discribe but I know they're there I can feel them but not see them and I eel like I can be in half-wolf form with just the ears and tail and a human body or in full-wolf form where I feel like I'm acctually a wolf through n' through it feels great! :D I also behave like a wolf aswell because when I'm angry or mad I growl and make eye-contact with a person, baring my teeth (I have very noticeable fangs) and I can feel my ears flattening or placed forward and my tail straight up, straight out, etc. Once I saw a 6th grader walk past me and I felt strongly that he was a wolf cuz I could see/know that he was a creamy/white wolf with brown eyes and I've never felt that strongly towards another person like that before(If he is a therain or not) I would also like to know how to m-shift then p-shift once I know that I'm ready. I also wish for a pack if anyone here lives in florida and is like me
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Hey I'm a wolf therian when u fell and see u HAV ears and paws ect ur already phantom shifting in other words u and ur wolf have a rly strong connecting meaning it will be easy for u to shift

To mental shift lay down or get comfortable now close ur eyes and let ur mind go blank of everything human see ur wolf the way he/she looks let urself become him/her slip into ur wolf now open ur eyes (actual eyes still closed) here's the important part hear everything around u 'see' everything if there's snow under ur paws fell the cold now explore do wat u want BE UR WOLF

Hope this helped :)

hey i get that too!

Sometimes i just start at the puddles , looking at myself for moments. People ask me what im looking at. And you are lucky since you have felt another. I havent. Seems like i have no one like me in the surroundings of my territory.

i actually see my reflection at the corner of my eyes.

yeah that also happens sometimes.

if for example i pass through a puddle i see a wolf for a split second

Still i made a new group where ive put my experiences in a more detailed way

ill check yours too

i take pride of being a wolf. or something like that.

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