Just wanted to say hello to everyone here....I'm new, all though I have been here multiple times reading and finally now I joined.

I hope to find other Wolves like me, and even hopefully near me.

I'm not goin to go on a whole book of who I am and what I like....but I'm betting that if I'm not the oldest here, then I'm among the oldest here.

I've been aware since I was 7yrs old....and back then, there was no internet, no chat rooms, no websites to help me figure out what was goin on with me.

In fact there was only maybe 5 or so books at the library in the occult section, and none of them had any info.

So for over a decade I went looking for answers, alone and knowing that I was very different...knowing that I was in wrong skin, knowing I was Wolf.....but thought I was the only one, and crazy. I did find other like me, but it was through extensive searching through dead ends and disappointment. But I found myself.

After the internet came around, I was able to find hundreds like me....and then with it...hundreds pretending or thought that because they pinned a tail on and ate raw meat made them Wolf.

So needless to say, after my decades of searching, learning....everything....I've mentored dozens of young Wolves, and even made some aware.

So just wanted to send out a hello HOWL....and make myself known to the others here.
FenrisLupa FenrisLupa
31-35, F
Feb 4, 2013