How are your dreams?
My dreams always envolve me being a wolf. In my dreams im always like the wolf in the picture
SnowShiro SnowShiro
18-21, M
3 Responses Feb 11, 2013

ik but its cool ;P

me too and i have saw a real wolf with a color of eye like that but is a little like cea blue

Weird normally only pupies have blue eyes

i allways dream of me being a black wolf with deep blue eyes like the sky at night(I love wolf's rain!!)

Weird wolfs dont usually have that eye colour. Are you sure that you arent a halfbreed? And yeah wolf's rains awesome. I wish real life was like that

Look into your eyes carefully. Can you see a ring? If you can check its colour. That colour is the colour of your wolf eyes. Mine are yellow or goldish yellow