What'S Up With This Numbness?

Everytime i wake up from a dream my body feels all numb, like i have lost control over it. It usually takes a while for the numbness to pass. If i try i getting i get dizzy and disorientated and even light headed. Also then my body starts aching all over. Mostly on my legs. As anyone experience that or am i the only one?
SnowShiro SnowShiro
18-21, M
3 Responses Feb 12, 2013

I know exactly what is going on with you....PM me...or hit me up somehow...and I'll fill you in...and teach you how to control it...and become stronger.

What is happening to you...a lot of people practice for years to achieve just the beginning of what you have.

It has always happened ever since i was a kid. I can sometimes control it, but it mostly happens naturally. Also i've been shaking a lot... like when you're cold but without being cold.

With practice you can control it... basically what your body is doing....is astral. And I don't know if you know anything about it....but it's the next best thing to P-shifting.

I get the sometimes. Usually happens in the lower half of my body. It's really annoying

Too me it happens everyday. And it's usually the whole body.

If i try getting up i feel disorientaded, light headed and dizzy. I also like i cant control my body fully. And my arms legs and jaws ache a lot. Hmmm... You can also add the lower back there