My Life Story.

Ive always felt like i was different. Not like other people around my age. I guess ive always knew that deep within me i was a wolf. I could hear and smell things others couldnt. And for that ive always been an outcast. Luckly i had friends. Though couldnt seem to understand me and i sometimes scared them. But since then ive never actually me others like me. But still. I had no doubt in my hearth there were others. So since then ive setted myself the goal to find others like me. But no matter efforts it was always the same road. There was no one there.Still no matter how lonely i felt i never wanted to be any different. I never wanted to be someone else. I took pride in who i was and lead me to become agressive when i was a kid. I was always in fights. People just didnt understand me. So over time i became more and more reserved. But still kve kept on looking. But even today ive never met someone like me but now i know there are others like me. And one day ill find my "paradise". The place where i belong.
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Yeah I think we all had that outcast feeling....knowing that we are in wrong skin.

And even back then when I was being made fun of and ostracized, I wouldn't change who or what I am.

And every one of us Wolves are looking for our paradise...following the sent of the lunar flower.....

"I tell you now the words of Red Moon.....From the Great Spirit was born the Wolf, and Man became his messenger. The Beast lives his life in silence abiding where the blessing of the blood of the Gods bestowed upon him."

We are the few that have awakened, and realize what we are....pure and true.

If anyones interested in knowing more i have another post at my group : I take pride being a wolf

you will find your "paradise" and there you'll be with people like us

I know. Im always looking for it

Neither would i

I think we all can relate
I was always the outcast and I still am.

still, i wouldnt change it for anything