Has anyone ever got random bruises out of the blue and pain out of nowhere. Today i woke up to a strong pain on the left side of my chest. When i went to look there was a big bruise there. I always wonder where i get them from since those bruises weren't there when i went to sleep.
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It happens to me to

Yep...happens to me too...bruises and scratches when I wake up....my mate gets them too.

And no, we are not doing it to each other when we are asleep...it's been happening since before we got together.

I think the bruises and such are partly because of being anemic. Wither you think you are or not....most of us Wolves are....another reason we crave raw red meat so much.

But for us older Wolves...these things happen at night cuz of the natural shifting that our bodies go through...especially during the nights when the body naturally and automatically goes into meditation/astral mode.

So in the morning we are going to feel the effects from that.

That's also what i think...

I sometimes feel a sharp pain in my side. Almost like my ribs are being broken. It might be the pain left from a past life but I don't know for sure.

yeah that's exactly the pain i feel or i sometimes wakeup with random cuts from claws. Sometimes my bed sheets get covered with white fur. Or even my clothes during the day. It doesn't happen everyday. what happens everyday is waking up with numbness and a sore body. Yesterday it felt like something hit me with something heavy or big. Most of the times it's just small bruises.