I was born as I am and this "gift" of mine has probably been with my spirit for hundreds or even thousands of years. I have always known I was different from others, but I finally realized only a few years ago what I truly was. And this realization came through two different dreams.

The first was the first dream about wolves or wolf related things i can remember. In it, i was walking with someone who appeared to be a friend of mine (in the dream). As he looked up to see a full moon over us, he pulled me away into an alley to talk to me. He told me that he was actually supposed to lead me into a trap and that everyone in the town were werewolves. But as he told me this, others began to come for me, slowly coming as if stalking their prey. And then, my friend began to scream as he turned from human to wolf. After that, all i remember is him jumping at me.

In the second dream, I was walking through a barn-like house with hay on the floor, holding a baby. As I passed a table, I layed the baby on it as if where I was going the baby couldn't come. Then I continued on into a hallway where I fell through into a basement. And on the other side of the basement was a man who tore at a small animal with his teeth. Blood dripping from his mouth, he looked up to me and said: "You know what you are."

Ever since then, I have had many more dreams and many more nightmares. But now, I know a afair amount about what I am and even have a teacher who is helping me learn the ways of the wolves (the Fae).

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I am not sure I know what you are asking Phoniv. My dreams were trying to tell me to realize what I am. I am a wolf, and I have accepted that. I am not becoming anything except more knowledgable of myself and the world in general.

No actually. Seperate, but I can see why you might think that. A person's spirit guide will not necessarilly be the same as what they are or even be an animal they necessarilly like. It is also suggested that guides change depending upon what you need at the time. This is, for lack of a better term, lycanthropy in the classic sense. I am human and I am wolf, simultaneously and inseparably, physically and mentally.

Anyone is capable of standing up for what they believe in. Doing so is good versus letting others shape your beliefs for you. However, you must be careful not to shut out all opposing opinions. It is natural that our minds change through time, not in essence but in perspective. Simply look back on some of my earlier writings and you will see that I myself have changed perspectives in only a few years. It is the process of learning, and if we are not open to that process, we risk being stuck in a closed system of beliefs while reality passes us by. It takes courage to stand up for what you believe in, but it takes true humility to accept when your beliefs, in part or in whole, are incorrect. If we live with such courage and such humility, the same open-mindedness we ask from others when we tell them what we are, we will never be wrong.

All the people who are sharing are true wolves. wolves stand for what they beleive in and won't let anyone change their mind. So the true test is confidence and the ability to see there is freedom somewhere and you've gotta find it. sharing these connections has really helped me and I hope to hear from more people....

Having taken psychology classes in college, I know one thing: no matter what anyone says, we cannot be classified as insane or mentally unstable as long as we maintain relatively normal lives. If we participate in human society, have a job or go to school, etc., we are "normal". Any statements to the contrary are a waste of breath.

Most people think that were crazy and need a straight jacket. But all they do is go on there computers and waste there lives in the homes.

I do not feel that my perspectives or beliefs make me more or less of a wolf. I simply am who and what I am. I appreciate your words, both of you, but know that a true wolf shows in person, not through a computer. Only before living people, and in critical situations should a person's words and actions truly define them. That is when it is the hardest to speak and to do.

You are very brave i admire you aswell, your are definilty one of us :) *holws with glee* :D

I admire your enthusiasm. And I'm glad that your standing up for yourself just as another wolf would do. Your a true wolf.*howls*.

I'm not worried about being "tested on" so much as I am being killed, which has been the usual treatment throughout history; at least since the fall of the Roman Empire.

Thank you. It's benn a while since I've seen this, and even more since I stopped to read it. It seems like it's been so long since then.

Agreed. Some may try to call me hypocrite and turn my arguments against me, but the difference between me and those I deal with most of the time is a very important one. That difference is that, while they deny any other possibility than what they believe and ignore all evidence to the contrary (otherwise known as being delusional), I make myself listen to and accept others' arguments. No matter how stupid an opinion may sound, everyone has a right to state their own and everyone should listen to it. It is guaranteed to benefit you. Either you will have some new flaw to point out in an opposing opinion or perhaps you will learn something knew and even change your whole opinion. Just as an open door lets in fresh air, an open mind lets in fresh ideas.

sometimes its just hard to exept us...

Yup, everyone has there own opinions, some are just more polite than others:)

I've learned not to pay too much attention to them. The fact that they act irrationally, illogically and defensively proves they are afraid. That's something you can't just ask them to change. It's like religion. It doesn't matter what your opinion is, I'm right and it doesn't matter what my opinion is, you're right. Makes loads of sense, but that is the stupidity and ignorance that we all must deal with.

its annoying haveing people say your not a wolf or dog cat thing or whatever thats bull**** its very anoying.

Thank you. I only wish others believed in such things, or much less pulled away from their i-phones long enough to give a crap.

im totaly glad for you