So much to say. First: I have not been on Experience Project for about...maybe two years. I'd like to re-connect with everyone again. Yeah, I've really gotten into life, or whatever I should call it. I am still Wiccan and proud, and I suppose because of that I have become maybe TOO in touch with myself. Before in winter I always had dreams of the future, though in my time away I decided to focus more on myself. HAH! That seriously worked. I began dreaming about wolves and me, most times I was naked while the whole world saw me as a wolf. Not even in one dream was there someone who didn't run away from me. But dream me didn't care about people. In one dream I attacked a man who had been in the middle of a play, but he shifted into a tiger. I remember I did it because he was a murderer and I was so angry. Every night I was a wolf, living a life I'm still not sure is real or not. Every morning I wake up feeling sad and so out of place. Whenever I'm outside or just looking out a window I feel like a captured animal that's itching to escape captivity. And what's worse is that the Coven I belonged to, The Winding Willow, moved away. At the time I was only 17 so its not like I could follow. I felt abandoned. Like a wolf kicked out of its pack. If my High Priestess were still around I know that she could help me. There is still a lot that I don't understand about magick, or the spiritual levels to the world. I've been a solitary 'witch' for too long, and I have no clue when I can be part of another coven.

But I know, I am a wolf. Or at least some part of me is.
SisteroftheNight SisteroftheNight
22-25, F
Aug 19, 2014