I Was Always Different...

Some how I knew my whole life that I really didn't fit in with others. I don't trust people and are kinda skidish around them. I am very protective of the ones I care about especially my young niece. I have very vivid dreams of running through forests, deserts, etc. feeling the ground under my feet to the scent enveloping me. I used to love running alone at night especially during a full moon since I just felt an unresistable need to run (unfortunately due to a knee injury I couldn't do much for 2 years and got outta shape and it kills me since I still feel the pull of the moon) especially with my dogs.

One day when my family and I were up in the mountains camping just before Winter would hit. I went walking to get some fire wood. About 15 yards in front of me was a huge Mexican grey wolf. Our eyes met and something just clicked then, inside we were both the same. I was so close to him, I freaked my best friend out because she was talking pictures about 50 yards away. He just turned and walked away. I even found and raised a pup who was 1/2 wolf. She wouldn't let anyone but me near her and I knew when she died before anyone had told me.

Ever since then, I felt more and more of myself coming to the surface. I only feel comfort when my dog sleeps with me (pack thing), my sense of smell/hearing has increased, I sometimes catch myself craving blood, etc.

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mine is also similar the moon pulls me towards it and I looked at a squirrel one time it looked back with complete terror in it's eyes as if it sensed my wolf-side[I often times catch my self craving meat and nothing else]. the water I found out has been pulling me towards it as well so that makes me a water-loving Wolf/cheetah[the cheetah part is due to me running FAST]

there is a great sense of awe when the alpha of a pack (who never comes with in 100 ft of humans) came and showed submission to me less than 5 ft away from me.

I had black wolf run along beside me in my own property lines:)

I had a white wolf with blue eyes standing by my door staring at me.

i have a similar story except it was a whole pack of them it was beautiful