I Crave To Bite. *freak*

Ever since I was young, I was a loner. Like any other child without any friends I longed to be welcomed by other kids, but of course this doesn't always happen if you want to befriend people who don't accept the real you. Eventually I gave up on friends, and stuck to my drawings and reading about the animals I love. I have always had a fondness for wolves; have been fond of them for as long as I could remember. I have only seen wolves at a zoo once, (terrible zoo btw) and when I looked into their eyes as best as I could from where I stood, I could feel their emotions inside of me. I felt angry at keeping them locked up in poor conditions, but of course anyone in their right mind who loved animals (any animal) would do the same. But personally, I feel it goes deeper than that.

Still at the age that I am, I lack the amount of friends that "average" social beings would have, yet I am very content with then and love them as if they were family. Well, more, actually, seeing as how I'm not close to my own family. I'm always in my own head. But through out my coming of age I feel "needs" to act out; to do things similar to what a wild wolf would. When i become angry, I get cravings of acting out as what a raging animal might. In sex, (don't mistaken this as *********** for I would never screw any animal) I feel the same cravings/wildness in my lust that has been equally as strong as the anger. Another very weird thing I find about me is whenever I see my boyfriend's veins popping out I actually crave to bite it (softly), but that would be more a vampire thing now wouldn't it? (lol) When I am in love, I feel like I belong to that person I am with. Basically I don't feel human. I lack most empathy for humans, mostly because I see the ignorance of the world and the destruction human beings cause. I see humans as being equally humane as a colony of antes. I just feel as if I'm in the wrong species.

I'm currently studying pagan beliefs, and have adopted the belief in the Summerlands and reincarnation. I believe I was a wolf in a past life, and that I was born into this body as a mistake. I feel like I was born in the wrong place at the wrong time; the wrong era. I don't feel human, I feel like a wolf.

Edit: Also I feel very much trapped where I am at. I am a wonderer, and once I'm out on my own it may be nearly immpossible for me to settle down any time soon.

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I had gotten a Miniature Schnauzer as a birthday gift from a friend and I raised him in the ways of lone wolf. The Miniature Schnauzer is much like a child. He respects me more than any person in my family EVER. he nipped at my cousins and he went to me and I defended him and as I did that, he might have said to me "thank you" in German[I later got laughed at for this]

I feel you. Get a huskie or a malamute. One of my neighbors once had a part wolf huskie that was viscious, and he got out. I was seven at the time and we were all playing outside. as most of the neighbors screamed and ran, for some reason I was merely curious, and went towards him. he was growling, and yet he did not bite me. I lay down right under his head, and he sniffled my neck, then lay down beside me. we stayed like that for 30 minutes until his owner came back. the owner was abusive and hit the poor dog, and I immediately jumped at him. and when he raised his hand to smack me, the dog let out the scariest snarl I have ever heard and got in front of me. ever since I have had the feeling that I didn't belong in this body, and I have always had the feeling of connection to wolves.

I feel the same way I feel as if animals are my only friends in the world. I found a orphned kitten and raised him in the ways of werewolfism. He is like a son to me.

I felt the same as you growing up. When I was younger, I was absolutely CONVINCED that I was born into the wrong body, that I didn't choose to be human. To be more specific I always felt like I should have been a tiger... I feel a bit silly saying it to tell the truth. I still question why I came to be in this form every passing day. I don't feel like I belong with other people at all... But I empathize with animals endlessly. I especially like cats. And as for the biting thing.... Me gusta ;) Rawr!<br />
I have toyed with the idea of reincarnation or the transfer of souls into different bodies through their lifetimes.. I think it makes sense. But I also acknowledge that it's something I couldn't possibly know for sure until, perhaps, my physical death.

Do you like chowing down on ducks NO? not a wolf then. <br />
Just cus you and i both think and act like canines doesn't mean we cant be social humans

@ashiwolf don't let Dredd lead you away from who you really are.Also nothing is a mistake, even if it feels wrong, you were meant to be in a human body, why, i have no idea. I am Eclipse and the protector. Also you should try to get a pet dog or something, it is really calming and it feels like you have your own pack, at least until you find another like you.