Am I A Wolf In A Human Body Or Am I Something Else? I'm So Confused

I've been reading many threads lately and found out that many people are experiencing many of the things I am now, first off the first things that stared happening was my senses got better (mostly smell and hearing + sometimes reflexes) Then shortly after I meditated I felt that I wasn't myself in a way but I just brushed it off considering I was drosey from meditating. The next day at school on a muggy morning, after it rained there were some puddles on the concrete when I was walking to the courts, and as I stepped on a puddle passing over it I thought I saw a wolf's reflection instead of my own when I looked back and placed my foot into the puddle again instead of a my shoe's and pant-lag reflection it was a wolf's paw and legs. Once I even looked into the puddle to see if it was just my eyes messing with me but in that puddle when I looked at my face I saw a sandy colored wolf staring back at me and I was freaking out on the inside. I also get those spirit limb things that some of you were talking about, where it feels like you have an invisible tail, legs, and ears, etc right? Anyway I also get very very strong urges to howl sometimes and I will but only when I'm alone or around my brother, who is spiritually a bald eagle but I won't get into that, so I do growl when I'm angry or threatened, I yip and whine when I'm super excited and I howl whenever I feel the urge to but not in public. Also I'm looking to be in a pack (in real life) I live in florida but I'm not giving any other info like that unless you live in florida and message me to be in a pack with me.

I also have met my totem animal which is a wolf, several actually. The first wolf I met was a gray wolf with blue/violet eyes and his name is Tukma, second I met Asezi, Tukma's sister she also looks similar to him but she has more white and brown on her and her eyes are bright blue. Then I met Akieta she is a dark brown wolf with golden eyes, Eindune she is a white wolf with gold/green eyes, and lastly Kioroi he is a black wolf with the same color eyes as Eindune. Last night I saved Kioroi's spirit I believe, because before I went to bed last night I sensed my totem wolves entering my room to protect me and sleep by my bedsides as they always do (they follow me where ever i go and I can sense their presences) When all of them were in my room I sensed that another wolf was in the room or trying to enter my room and I knew it was evil, my totem animals snarled and snapped, lungeing at him/it. I felt my wolf self doing the same then I sunk my wolf teeth into it's neck pinning it to the ground and it submitted to me then left my room but stayed outside the doorway and I saw that the wolf demon I thought I drove out left in his place was Kioroi I immediatly let go of him and started crying apoligizing to him about what I did, and the wolf demon laughed at me (the wolf demon looked like a black wolf made of smoke and he had glowing red eyes) and I snarled at him physically and as my wolf-self and to keep him out I put my rosary on my door and it kept him out then I meditated to heal Kioroi with my necklace (it's a wolf necklace with a turquoise blue stone in it) and I healed him I was so happy that he was okay
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Still i dont know about your senses. Idk bcz i havent experienced changes. My senses were always this sharp. So sharp that people usually call me hound or dog. And being called that really annoys me.

Havent met my totem yet but i always have a artic wolf walking which i found to be myself. I know that because he always with my expression or feelings and he has my name. Which is shiro. It means white. Also bcz he looks exactly like how i look like in my dreams. White with yellow eyes

i think that you are*howls*

your welcome *howls*

Cool! Yeah, you're probably a wolf. ;) If you believe you are one then you probably are.

*howls back* :o