I Have A Question

does anyone want to satrt a wolf clan ?? send me a yes if yes send me a no if not plz and thank you

sincerly ,

atattooedheart atattooedheart
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6 Responses May 24, 2010

haha, who needs wolfclans when there are cults? besides, who wants to be a mangy, flea-ridden mutt anyways?

Sir, I've commented before to you, but I will again. Honestly, alot of people here do not appreciate your negative comments. Dear, if you wish to bash us go ahead but do it else where. Somewhere where the people you talk about will not be affected. Remember, your words have power. They can hurt. They can heal. Hell, words can even kill. Remember this. Do you one day wish to have the death of an innocent person on your conscience?

Edward Gein didnt seem to mind killing innocent people. im sure i'll be fine.

Well maybe your life should end b4 theirs is effected,

would this pack be online? i am interested, but would like to know more, first, thank you.

hmm coud be fun

i will be im part wolf and part shape shifter

clan....not so much, a pack, ya sure ;)

May I ask, are you a shape-shifter?