I Need An Opinion

Now, I used to be an alpha. I had my own pack and unfortunately, it all fell apart due to one member. It's been years now since I've run a pack, but something is telling me that this is something I need to do, what does everyone here think?
sollerage sollerage
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 20, 2013

Honestly, it couldn't hurt to try to start your own again, right? Only other suggestion I have would be to join another pack and try to work your way up, which in my opinion would take longer but be easier in the long run.

believe me, I've tried that several times, but for some reason I always ruin it because I can't cut it as a normal pack member. That sounds extremely concieted but I was born into a pack and was given my original pack as an inheritance. So, I've only either been a loner, an alpha, or an extremely bad pack member XD