On The Verge Of Tears

I have known what I am my whole life, but have worked on the complexities of it as I grew. There's so much I could say on my own findings and discoveries within and of myself, but I could cry just to see that there are other self aware wolves out there, and I can't stop smiling. I'm not alone :-)
Lycantius Lycantius
26-30, F
2 Responses Feb 10, 2013

Great ....keep it up wolf gal .....


it takes whole life to discover ones self....and rarely people can succeed in it
its good to know u have known yourself!

Thanks :-) It just always felt profoundly lonely thinking there were no more. The Last Unicorn made me cry as a child and even now I tear up, because I use to wonder if I would ever find others like myself, as the main character of that movie wondered.